My name is Teemu Saarinen, I am a cinematographer, director, editor, colorist, animator, cinemaholic... shortly a Filmmaker from Finland. My style is usually inspired by '70s and 80's fashion, music, movies, and everything else related to those years. I love organic-looking images. Lively, surprising, and not so pixel-perfect. Like film chemistry is.

Many times I "wear multiple hats" in productions but the most common area for me to work on is as Director, DoP, or Editor. Although, I have experience on Producer, Sound, Colorist, and Animator roles as well.

Under the Vinovinkkeli name, I represent my art and visual style. I also share my photography under the name Vinofoto. I am part of LUALA company and a member of Azh Boyzz family. If you haven't heard of those yet, go and check them out as well!


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Teemu Saarinen • Filmmaker
+358 4150 76144

"It's funny how the colors of the real world only seem really real when you viddy them on the screen." -Alex, Clockwork Orange

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